November 1, 2014


 – – – Jr. Rising Stars & Little Rising Stars – – –

Shows and Directors:

  • Jr RRS 1 – Seusical Jr – Directed by Julian Rozzell Jr.
  • Jr RRS 2 – Defying Gravity –  songs from Wicked, Godspell & Pippin – Directed by Sabrina  Landau
  • Jr RRS 3 – Babes In Arms – Directed by Annette Arnold and Chris Wilson
  • Little Stars – When You Wish Upon a “Little Rising” Star!, a Disney Revue – Directed by Catherine Schwartz


  • February 5 & February 6th 4 – 7PM (choose one date)


  • February 7th:  4pm-7pm
  • February 10th:   12pm-3pm (if needed)

Parents, please plan to wait with your child.  They will NOT be needed the entire time.  Sign up is on first come, first served basis!

How To Prepare:

Please select one verse of one of the following songs to sing for the JR. and Little Stars audition: You may sing any of the below, regardless of the show you are interested in or may be cast in!!

(Spoken) “I can see that you’ve got quite a mind for your age! Why, one Think and you dragged me right onto the stage! Now, I’m here, there is no telling what may ensue…with a Cat such as me and a Thinker like you!”

(Sung) Oh, the thinks you can think! Oh, the thinks you can think if you’re willing to try.

Think invisible ink! Or a Gink with a Stink! Or a stair to the sky…

If you open your mind, oh, the thinks you will find lining up to get loose…

Oh, the thinks you can think when you think about Seuss!


From Wicked
“For Good”


“Bare Necessities” - just the first screen

*Cast members in Jr RRS 1,2 and 3 will also be enrolled in a weekly acting class!

– – – Rising Stars – – –

Spring Musical – TBA

Auditions for musical:

  • February 6th & February 7th –  7:30pm-9:30pm (choose one date)


  • February 10th – 4:30pm-9pm

A song will be taught at the audition. 

Show and director:

  • The Laramie Project directed by Julian Rozzell jr.

*** UPDATE ***

Due to an upcoming tour of The Laramie Project, the licensing company has declined any nonprofessional productions at this time.    Please check back next week for further information.

– – – Riverdale Repertory Musical Revue Workshop – – –

Directed by Laurie Walton

For adults who want to work on their musical theatre skills.  Work on singing and dancing in a fun, relaxed atmosphere on several numbers (both group and solo) from a variety of musicals.  The workshop will culminate in a performance.

For more information on our audition process, please refer to the What To Expect page.

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