June 18, 2018

RPAC Class Descriptions 2013

Fall 2013

How To Register:

By Phone: (718) 548-8200 ext. 201

In Person:  Visit our friendly front desk

RPAC Fall/Winter 2013 Semester runs October 6 – Dec 15th (10 classes)

Welcome to the Theatre

Welcome to the Theatre is a class designed to introduce students aged 4-7 to the fun and exploration of acting, singing and movement for the theatre!

Students will play games and sing songs to unleash their inner actor/singer. Young performers learn to create crazy characters and tell stories as they work together as an ensemble in this super fun, high-energy class.

Simply Shakespeare

This workshop formed class will give the student the tools to find their way into Shakespeare’s text. Thus making Shakespeare’s sometimes intimidating text easy to understand and activate. We’ll approach Shakespeare from a variety of directions: personal, literary-critical, historical, and political, engaging with great themes of Shakespeare’s drama and verse through reading and acting some of his best works.


This class introduces students to the fundamentals of improvisation. Through various improvisation games, students will learn the basic skills of improv and have fun developing their spontaneity, playfulness, imagination, and confidence. Improv is an essential skill for every actor. Kids in all levels of  acting and performing experience are encouraged to take this class.

Anyone Can Act!

This class is focused on anyone who is either curious about acting or wants to further their knowledge in the craft of Acting. Students will learn the fundamentals of acting through scene work and character development. We will explore how to be truthful while examining beats and objectives in scenes that both the student and teacher will delve into together.

Scene Study and Character Development for RRS

Using the show you are rehearsing, we will zoom in on the character you are playing. Through script analysis we will develop a fully rounded character that you will be able to play and use in your rehearsals. We will focus on beats, actions and objectives as well as the fundamentals of listening and responding to further your acting technique.