April 8, 2020

Dress Code

Dress Code

: age 3-12 pink tights
age 13-18 pink or black tights
all ages: must wear a leotard of any color and pink ballet shoes, pointe shoe study by invitation
Hair must be up in a bun for ballet and out of the dancers’ faces for tap, modern
& jazz.

Boys: age 3-18: tight fiitting white t-shirt, black tights or black dance pants, black ballet shoes

Jazz/Musical Theater/Hip Hop Students:
: age 3-18: black tights or black dance pants with any colored leotard and caramel/tan jazz shoes, character shoes by invitation
Boys: age 3-18: any colored tight fitting t-shirt with black dance pants or black sweat pants and black jazz shoes

Girls: leotard and tights- any color.  Tap shoes.
Boys: tight fitting t-shirt and dance pants or shorts.  Sweatpants / track pants/ track shorts are fine if not too baggy are fine. Tap shoes.
Hip Hop:
Hip-hop students can also wear light-soled sneakers or jazz sneakers as long as the sneakers are not worn outside, and are for hip-hop class only