August 4, 2015

Tap Dance Classes

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Tap Dance Classes

Tap II (6-7)
This class teaches the basics and funda­mentals of tap technique. Students will learn basic tap vocabulary and rhythm while learning across the floor technique and combinations.

Tap III (8-9)
For dancers continuing their tap train­ing, rhythm and musicality are built on through more in depth tap technique.

Tap IV (10-12)
Students with a minimum of 4-5 years tap training will delve further into rhythm and musicality in this class. They will practice tone, style, upper body, and faster tempos using across the floor exercises and improvisation. Choreography will enhance students’ ability to pick up steps quickly and accurately, and be able to apply material to music with different rhythmic styles and tempos.

Intermediate Tap (12+)
This class is fast moving and focuses on the more advanced elements of tap. Students will be challenged each week with a new combination in varying rhythmic styles, which they’ll have to pick up quickly and execute in small groups. Across the floor exercises and improvisational activities will help students expand on their rhythmic training and bridge the gap between choreography and improvisation.

Adult Tap
Come tap with one of the leading tap teachers in New York City. Pam is a guest teacher at Steps on Broadway in NYC where she teaches adult tap. She dances with the leading tap companies in the city and will teach you a fun filled, rhythmic tap class where you will learn basic tap technique and fun tap combinations to contemporary music. If you like tap at all, you will love this class!

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