February 17, 2020

Jazz Dance Classes

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RIverdale Dance - Jazz

Jazz 2 (7-8)
For dancers with some previous dance or related movement experience. This class will expand on jazz fundamentals (grapevines, lindies, jazz squares) with musicality and new technique vocabulary.

Jazz 3 (8-9)
For dancers continuing their training in jazz technique. Dancers continue to work on their musicality, technique and their expression through dance.

Jazz 4 (9-11)
This class is for the experienced jazz dancer. All dancers must be invited into class. New students to Riverdale Dance! that have had previous jazz technique may be eligible for this class.  Students will further their technique with jumps, turns and jazz and musical theater combinations.

Jazz 5 (10-12)
This class is for jazz dancers with 4-5 years previous experience.

Dancers will use their ballet technique to improve flexibility, jumps, leaps, turns, and connecting movement.  Skills will be built upon through warm-ups, across the floor progressions, and choreography.

Intermediate Jazz (11-14)
This class is for dancers who love jazz!  It explores different kinds of jazz technique and styles, utilizing music from different eras.

Dancers will gain solid technique, strength, and flexibility, and have fun doing it!