August 1, 2014

Jazz Dance Classes

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Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz II (6-8) **
For dancers continuing their training in jazz technique. Dancers continue to work on their musicality, technique and their expression through dance.

Jazz II (8-11) **
This class is for the experienced jazz dancer. All dancers must be invited into class. New students to Riverdale Dance! that have had previous jazz technique may be eligible for this class. Taught by Pam Lenker, students will further their technique with jumps, turns and jazz and musical theater combinations.

Jazz I (12 and up)
For beginning jazz dancers, this class will take students through combinations and work in traditional jazz technique, Broadway repertory and contemporary movement. This is an excellent form of exercise for the older dancer just starting out. Students will move, jump , turn and love to dance in this fun environment.

Jazz II (12 and up) **
Dancers will continue working on technique and performance skills with traditional rep. from original Broadway choreography combined with more advanced jazz movement.


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