July 24, 2014

Combo Dance Classes

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Hip Hop Dance Classes

Tap/Ballet Combo (Ages 3-4)
Both tap and ballet will be explored in this class for young dancers. They will be making sounds and developing rhyth­mic and coordination skills as well as experiencing the joy of dance through pre-ballet movement.

Tap/Jazz Combo (Ages 4-5 and Ages 5-7)
This class combines tap and jazz in­troducing young dancers to rhythmic movement, the ability to make sounds with their taps and beginning jazz dance technique. This is a fun class for students interested in both tap and jazz as they will have a thorough introduction to both.

Hip Hop/Jazz (4-5)
This class gives young dancers a chance to express themselves to age appropri­ate, contemporary music through dance, aerobic and pedestrian movement. They will feel like they are dancing in a Disney Channel music video by the end of this class while practicing basic coordination and rhythm technique.

Jazz I/Tap I Combo (8-11)
This class is for the beginning dancer interested in exploring both tap and jazz techniques. Rhythm and coordination skills will be emphasized through tap work. Dancers will learn beginning jazz technique while developing contempo­rary jazz movement.

Intermediate Jazz/Modern (12 and up) **
A combination of traditional and Broadway jazz technique and modern technique, dancers will learn to express ideas and emotions through innovative ways of moving the body. Through fusing movement forms and ideas, this class teaches dancers to move with the body’s natural rhythm and alignment. Students will learn combinations, practice warm-up, across the floor exercises and work on choreography from both a modern and jazz perspective.


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