August 19, 2017

Moving Up To RRS 2015: Andrew Binder

This week we have a few more kids to introduce you to – moving up to our RRS teen program from the Juniors. Here’s what Andrew Binder has to say… How do feel about joining the teen program?             I feel that it’s a new opportunity to start fresh with a group of people that I […]

Moving Up To RRS 2015: Hillel Schwab

Hillel has been in a bunch of our Jr. shows throughout the years and now we’re happy to see him join the RRS teens. Here’s what Hillel has to say… How do you feel about joining the teen program? I am excited to join something bigger and better.  What do you think is expected of you […]

Moving Up To RRS 2015: Yonah Taragin

We have  a bunch of Juniors moving up to the RRS teen program this year.  We’re excited to be featuring them on our blog. First up is Yonah Taragin…. How do you feel about joining the teen program? I’m excited to take it one step further and that we have rehearsal more. What do you think […]

National Youth Arts Awards: 2014-2015

National Youth Arts is excited to begin announcing the winners of their Tenth Annual National Youth Arts Awards to honor outstanding work by youth in the arts. This year more than 400 productions were considered for the awards, including shows from more than 160 different members in more than 70 cities spanning 13 states. This year’s award winners […]

RRS Seniors 2015 – Part II

Did you make it to last night’s performance of UrineTown The Musical?  If not, now worries.  You still have 3 chances over the weekend. Yesterday we met 2 of our RRS Seniors and today we’ll introduce you to 2 more – Yona and Stella. What are your thoughts and feelings approaching your last shows as […]

RRS Seniors 2015 – Part I

As the Riverdale Rising Stars teens get ready to do their last 4 performances of Urinetown, for our seniors, this will be their last show as part of the RRS program. We asked them how they felt about being in the program.  Today we have Jenna, and Gedalia.  Come back tomorrow to hear from our other […]

UrineTown – A Successful Opening Weekend

This past weekend, The Riverdale Rising Stars had their opening performances of UrineTown The Musical.   It was a successful 2 performances and we are all looking forward to the remaining 4.  You can read about the show, see dates and times and buy tickets here. To get a peek at the show you can view the […]