April 26, 2018

Summer Stage Workshops

Campers will be taking Workshops in the following:

Drama Program

Summer Stage Acting Workshops

Acting  Bringing together all our tools at camp, we will enable our campers to live and breathe comfortably in front of an audience. Yes, sounds simple, but oh so hard to do. Using body, movement and voice, campers will find their own way on stage, and learn how to step into the world of any show they are working on.

The Art of Improvisation  Invent, compose and perform with little or no preparation!  Painters create masterpieces without knowing the outcome. Musicians spontaneously perform different versions of the same song. Drummers miss a beat and create a new one. Actor trusts that little voice inside their head that says “Wouldn’t it be interesting if…” And then do it!

Shaking up Shakespeare  Tackling the Bards words – tasting, chewing, then spitting them out, as though they are our vernacular. We will throw ourselves into his world and discover the hidden secrets that lay within his text. Skills used to dissect Shakespeare will make any contemporary text as easy as the A,B.C’s.

Dance Program

Summer Stage Dance Workshops

Tap  Jump into tap by exploring the connection between music and rhythm using technical exercises, games, and choreography. Aiming to accommodate multiple levels of tap, beginning to advanced, this class will prepare our campers to perform in their full length musicals at the end of camp!

Jazz  Introduce yourself to basic jazz movement commonly used in the theater by choreographers such as Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins, to name a few. Students have the opportunity to dance to fun classic and contemporary Broadway music, and will gain technical dance skills that will help them in their musical theater endeavors.

Hip-Hop In this fun, upbeat class, students will work on basic hip-hop skills and sharp body movement and positions.  They will have opportunities to learn choreography to current popular songs. Throughout the class, students will be challenged to work on the confidence and showmanship required to be professional performers.

Modern Dance  Emphasizing a whole body approach, Modern dance is a highly expressive dance form which allows dancers and actors to move with the body’s natural rhythm and alignment.  Dancers will explore different movement concepts through learning the elements of dance; time, space, body, action and energy. Various dance skills will be developed through guided improvisation, innovative choreography and the practice of different modern dance techniques.

Voice Program 

Voice  The first thing we do in the world is let out a cry! Learn more about your voice and how to use it in our Voice department. Discover the true power of your voice and open up your lungs in a way you have not thought possible. Children in our camp go from a whisper to a mature voice in a matter of weeks. See how your child can fill a theater with ease.

“Glee”  Based on the popular television show, our “GLEE” club offering will give campers a chance to learn this popular style of song and dance; we will incorporate musical theater, pop/rock and standards.

Summer Fun

Photography Sports Design

Photography  Enter the exciting world of photography!  We’ll go beyond the ordinary snapshot to more interesting photographs. Children will find an ease with their camera by taking photos of  friends and family, as well  as exploring the beauty of Wave Hill,  the cliffs of the Palisades, and our exciting vibrant programs at the Y.

Sports and Arts & Crafts  We are at Summer Stage to hone the craft of performing, but we are also a camp, and look to broaden our horizons in other directions. For those who need a break from theater, athletics and arts and crafts are readily available.   

Swimming  Campers will enjoy a dip in our pool everyday. To ensure a good time the Y pool is exclusively ours during swim. Campers are able to have fun with noodles, flippers, weighted rings, beach-balls and more.