June 21, 2018

What To Expect

Audition Preperation


“ No child is fully educated or adequately prepared to live in an
increasingly technological world without understanding the meaning and
beauty transmitted by the arts.” J.P. Getty Trust

The award-winning Riverdale Rising Stars have taken great pride in their productions for more than 12 years. We believe that this is a community of young people who gather to work for a common goal. We have always believed that participating in a Rising Stars production is one of the most rewarding experiences that a young person can have. Our entire staff is committed to the development of your child through music, dance and acting. This is a great opportunity for each child to discover something special about themselves.

By participating in a Rising Stars show a child might find that they have the knack to make people laugh, to sing, to stand in front of a group and tell a story through acting and to learn how to be a team player by supporting peers who may be cast in larger roles. It is most important that we, as parents, encourage our children to have fun, and to understand that it is not essential to have the largest role to find a way to contribute to the success of a production. We all work together.  We are all equally important and the sense of pride and accomplishment is shared.

Throughout an audition process there will be some disappointments.  Please trust me when I say that often the children are emulating the disappointment of a parent. If you remain upbeat and optimistic, any initial disappointment will disappear quickly as we get into the the heart of rehearsal process. I promise that each child will learn to take positive risks, to conquer fears, to build self-esteem and most importantly to understand the true meaning of camaraderie and team work.


Rising Stars Jr. is open to children ages 7 to 11. Participation is by audition only. Rising Stars Jr. is a tuition-based program. Scholarships may be available based on need.  Payment plans are also available.  Applications will be available once the casts are assembled.

Please note the following important AUDITION FACTS:

  • Not all children will receive a callback. This does not necessarily mean that your child will not be cast. Sometimes there is simply a need to see a little something more.
  • A callback for a principal role is in no way a guarantee of being cast in that role. It means that the creative team sees that your child could potentially play that role. Please keep in mind that several children are sometimes brought in for any particular role.
  • All casting decisions are final. While we are always happy to share constructive tips for next time, please understand that there are reasons for casting to go one way or another; not the least of which could be age, size, gender….all kinds of factors.
  • We will, as always, take as many children as we feel will guarantee a quality experience for all. If your child is not cast please encourage them to come out again!! It is important that all of the children and parents realize that we are rooting for each and every one of them.
  • We will do our best to acknowledge any special requests for being cast with a friend or neighbor, etc., but please note that this is not always possible and there may be times when such requests could determine your child’s role.

Most of all…GOOD LUCK! HAVE FUN! We are happy to see you all!

-Your Riverdale Rising Stars Creative Team