July 20, 2019

Auditions Riverdale Rep Ages 18 +




Audition Info



Wednesday, September 5 
7-9pm Adults ONLY
Thursday, September 6
5-7 Children/Teen Roles
7-9pm Adults
Thursday, September 13 
5-7 Children/Teens
7-10 Adults


ADULTS: Please sing a short song in the style of the show or from the show.  Please provide your own accompaniment or prepared to sing accapella (there will be no piano in first round of auditions)
TEENS: Please prepare Wells Fargo Wagon.   You may attend during the ADULT audition times.
CHILDREN: Please prepare ONE of the listed songs.   Note the start or end time of what to prepare.  It is listed as where the “seconds” come up on the youtube video.
Wells Fargo Wagon 

Partial Karaoke (to :53)

Broadway Soundtrack

Gary Indiana – Karaoke
START right as music starts.  
to :46

Broadway Soundtrack