August 3, 2021

Auditions for JR RRS Ages 7-12

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Auditions for Honk, Jr. will be held Sunday, February 28 from 12-4:30pm!
  1. Please note that auditions will be outdoors (so wear your coats! and masks!) 
  2. You will need to sign up for a time slot.  We encourage you to wait in the car with your child until their time.  Each audition will be short (so that no one freezes!) 
  4. Just before auditions, you will receive an email with your exact time slot (that falls within the hour you signed up for.)
  5. Please have your children prepare the song below.  It is called “A Poultry Tale”
  6. There is one link with the singers (so the children can learn it) and one with just the music, which they can rehearse with.  Additionally the link with the singers includes all of the music for Honk, Jr. It would be good for the children to get familiar with the show and the music!
  7. If you would prefer to send in an audition video – you may do so.  It must be sent in BY the in-person audition date of Sunday, February 28. Please send it to  Filming on your phone is perfectly fine!
  8. Please know that all rehearsals (and the production) will be held in-person, outdoors. 
  9. We will be following strict safety protocol guidelines from the CDC, DOH & DOE (including Masks at all times, Outdoors Only, Social Distancing, Hand Sanitizers, etc.)
  10. A reminder that Jr. Rising Stars auditions are open to children ages 7-11 (Grades 2nd through 6th)
If you have any questions, please send them to us at  We look forward to seeing the children soon!
MUSIC to  “A Poultry Tale” (and all HONK, JR recordings)

START AT 1:47, END at 2:28

START AT 1:47, END at 2:28
Audition LYRICS to “A Poultry Tale” (also attached, if you would like to print them out)

What a gorgeous vision this is

It’s Ida, she’s my missus

So forgive me if I’m laying on the smarm

She goes in for heated quacking

To point out the skills I’m lacking

It’s a Poultry Tale – Of folk down on the farm

Come on down and don’t be strangers

In our dockyard of free-rangers

It’s a Poultry Tale

Of folk down on the farm.