August 11, 2020

Moving Up To RRS 2015: Enza Jonas-Giugni

Today we introduce you to Enza – moving up from our Junior Program!

Moving up to RRS

How do you feel about joining the teen program?

I’m really excited to get to work with people who are older than me, and get to learn from them by watching and working with them.

What do you think is expected of you now that you’re no longer a JR. ?

I know that the teen program requires me to figure out my rehearsal schedule, where as my parents used to do it before. I think this will help me learn how to schedule my own activities for the future.

What was your favorite RRS show and why?

My favorite show was probably Guys and Dolls, because I got to play a comedic characcter.

What are you most excited about?

I am excited to make new friends that all share a common interest in the teen program!

Photo Credit: Stacey Natal

Shawn About Shawn

Shawn is the Managing Artistic Director of Performing Arts at Riverdale Rising Stars. He will also be co-director at Summer Stage Performing Arts Camp.

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