August 11, 2020

Moving Up To RRS 2015: Andrew Binder

This week we have a few more kids to introduce you to – moving up to our RRS teen program from the Juniors.

Here’s what Andrew Binder has to say…

Andrew - RRS Teen Program

How do feel about joining the teen program?

            I feel that it’s a new opportunity to start fresh with a group of people that I both know and don’t know. It’s a fresh start; a clear canvas, waiting to be painted.

What do you think is expected of you now that you are no longer a junior?

            I think that now, that everyone has grown, both academically and personally. I am expected to treat others more professionally and take a  more professional stance about putting on a show. It is now less about the director in my opinion now, and it is more about the actual actors.

What was your favorite RRS show and why?

            I loved Urinetown, because it explored the nature of living in a totalitarian society with a government that doesn’t support its citizens, just like some of the world is today. It looks at the daily life of living in a place you don’t want to be living in; living a life you don’t desire. I found this show  really funny, interesting, and provocative.

What are you most excited for?

            I am now excited about being a part of a much bigger family and group of people. I am excited about being a part in their shows, and having new responsibilities.

Photo Credit: Stacey Natal

Shawn About Shawn

Shawn is the Managing Artistic Director of Performing Arts at Riverdale Rising Stars. He will also be co-director at Summer Stage Performing Arts Camp.

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