June 18, 2018

Moving Up To RRS 2015: Yonah Taragin

We have  a bunch of Juniors moving up to the RRS teen program this year.  We’re excited to be featuring them on our blog.

First up is Yonah Taragin….

RRS Jr. Wizard of Oz

Yonah as he Tin Man in Wizard of Oz

How do you feel about joining the teen program?

I’m excited to take it one step further and that we have rehearsal more.

What do you think is expected of you now that you’re no longer a JR. ?

Memorize your lines better and come on time to all rehearsals.

What was your favorite RRS show and why?

Wizard of OZ because I had a big part.

What are you most excited about?



Photo Credit:  Stacey Natal

Shawn About Shawn

Shawn is the Managing Artistic Director of Performing Arts at Riverdale Rising Stars. He will also be co-director at Summer Stage Performing Arts Camp.

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