August 11, 2020

Rising Star Teen Joins Broadway Stars On Our Stage

Shara Feit

So Shara! How exciting to be involved in the big event on March 16th – before we talk about that though, tell us which RRS shows we could have seen you in before? What are a few of your favorite roles?

I know! I can’t wait! I joined RRS in 8th grade for Merrily We Roll Along, and have done six shows since then: The Boy Friend, Pippin, Hairspray, A Funny Thing… Forum, 42nd Street and just last semester, Footloose. I have loved all the roles I have played as a Rising Star. They were all fun and challenging in different ways, but Berthe in Pippin will always have a special place in my heart as it was my first singing role as a Rising Star.

Back to the ENCORES event! So how excited are you?

SO excited! The music is so so beautiful and Into the Woods explores so many timeless themes. It is a truly complex, thought provoking and stunningly written theater piece, and I feel immensely humbled to be in the cast.

What role will you be playing in this event? and what should the audience expect?

I am playing Little Red Ridinghood. I think one of the amazing aspects of Into the Woods is that it turns expectations upside down. Everyone with traditional notions about the shows well-known characters are challenged to rethink their assumptions. So, the audience should expect the unexpected!

How have rehearsals been – is it intimidating working with pros?

The show has a lot of components and the music is quite difficult so learning all of it in a little over two weeks has been a challenge, but a welcome and enjoyable one. Working with the Broadway guests has been absolutely lovely! Watching them during rehearsals has been a true learning experience. I am fortunate enough to already know some of them through RRS, like Laurie, Emily and Maryrose. I also have seen some of them perform on Broadway and off-Broadway. I do occasionally have to pinch myself because they are so incredibly talented.

What shows/movies have you been seeing lately?

Well, I have been watching the taped version of the original Broadway cast of Into the Woods a lot! I saw The Mystery Of Edwin Drood on Broadway, with Jim Walton (Into the Woods’ narrator) as Reverend Crisparkle. I also saw the Broadway by the Year series Broadway Musicals of 1937 concert at Town Hall.

Which production will you be doing with RRS this season?

The Pajama Game.


About Shara Feit

Shara is a senior at SAR High School and a long time RRS member. When not performing with RRS, Shara enjoys editing and writing for a number of SAR student publications and singing in SAR’s chamber choir.

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