May 10, 2021

Voice Instructors: TALISE TREVIGNE

Hi Talise – What has been your role with Riverdale Rising Stars so far?

I was originally brought on to the team to assist in coaching both the children’s summer  productions. As I have worked with the children, I have become more familiar with their immense talent. We needed more time together. Now I work privately with the kids as well teaching voice.

What NEW venture will you be taking on with RRS now?

It’s been so wonderful developing a more in depth relationship with the kids, and as they grow so has their talent. I am building a voice studio, where the kids will nurture their crafts and perform regularly in studio recitals!

We know you have been busy lately with your creative side. What exactly have you been up to when not working with RRS?

I just returned home from San Francisco Opera filming the opera Moby Dick for Great Performances  on PBS! This spring I am off to the Kennedy Center to sing my first Julie in ShowBoat! It’s very exciting!

How did you find your way into teaching voice?

I began teaching when a young soprano asked me to mentor her. It’s a rewarding experience to see your kids grow and succeed!

 What do you find most rewarding about teaching voice?

I find it most rewarding to watch the growth of my kids. They are all so talented, and bright.

How would you say your style is different than other voice teachers?

I definitely like to teach with a solid classical technique. With a solid and healthy foundation a singer can sing Broadway, Jazz, or opera! There is no limit!

 What TV shows are you watching now?

I am a complete Downton Abbey fanatic! I could watch season 1 and 2 over and over again! Season 3 just began!

What was the last show you saw?

I just saw Maria Stuarda at the Met, and La Rondine. I also just saw the production of ShowBoat in Chicago which I will take over in the Spring!

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